MSc, BA (Psychology)

Helping you to overcome them to achieve what you want from life.

Member of:

British Psychological Society,

British Association of Counsellors,

British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis,

Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists.

Everyone of us wants to change something in our lives. I am a chartered psychologist with many years of success helping people solve their problems. These difficulties include marital disharmony, conflicts at work, anxiety/ depression, overcoming obsessive/compulsive disorders, in fact anything that causes conflict in a person's life.

These problems often stand in the way of 'a better life'. For many of us these problems have been with us for a long time and we feel stuck in a rut which seems to get deeper every day. We've tried many times and many ways to kick the habit, but we're still here...At times like this it's easy to think: "That's just the way I am. Maybe it's not possible to change." But we can change with the right kind of help.

Other problems are sudden and overwhelming, such as finding our partner has been unfaithful, or hearing that a close loved one has a serious illness that will change our lifestyle drastically, or losing someone who is near and dear to us. Problems affect us all.

Problems, whether short, sharp and extremely painful or long term, nagging and demoralising, affect everyone in all walks of life at some time. If we don't solve them, they hold us back, cause stress, make us unhappy and in some cases make us feel like failures. When we do solve them, we feel happy and fulfilled. And ideally we want to solve them today, not in ten years' time.

Solving problems isn't always easy. Sometimes we do need help from people who have expertise and wisdom to guide us, who can focus on our needs and will help us solve the seemingly impossible problems.

I have experience with clients of all ages from adolescent children to retired executives, from all walks of life, within the UK and worldwide. I have worked for some years in industry and pain control clinics and also lecture both here and abroad to professional colleagues and to the public.

The first step is for us to meet at my office to have an initial exploratory meeting. Following this I will recommend how best I can help you and the likely timescales.

To arrange an initial meeting simply contact me:

Telephone: 07870 648474

Delia Young
United Kingdom